Awoke And Sing

It had just become too hard to find what was once pretty easy to come by. Ask a question and get the right answer. Most people were taught there was a right answer or a “best” answer among the options. It was a given. Humility was served with a side of confidence when you finally knew what you were talking about.

Now, in the tsunami that is social media, in the mirror reflection that always nods, when you do, in the tremulous umbrage that greets any disagreement, a correct fact or interpretation is verboten. You can easily feel like you are talking at a spinning wind-farm.

In ordinary times, I used to rise to even the smallest bait. But I am “ wokeing” hard to see another way, seeking another quantum portal to enter. It was not my gender that was on the chopping block. It was my fitting in. I had to come to my senses.

It took a little kundalini, a downward facing dog or two and a bit more kale than I anticipated. Becoming enlightened is like a laxative to the frontal lobe. Now newly and fully purged, I start each morning with optimism, no discord, no snarky kid who did calculus in this head, no Jordan Peterson types.

This happy day started at a high point. Trump’s Facebook ban was upheld. A Board of people from almost every equatorial latitude affirmed, likely at a Bali Ubud retreat, that we are better off without his blather. Blather it was and I am glad that others are saving me from those pernicious moments when I actually agreed. It feels better never to feel that conflict again.

After breakfast, which was vetted with my app, Progressive Proteins, I read and rubbed the Washington Post. Yes, you read it correctly. I have started using WAPO as a loofah. I have come to love the feeling of the rabid commentary on my increasingly sensitive skin. A bit of news did rub off and it was just on the site where I was vaccine anointed.

I really knew I finally “ got “ it when someone asked me, “ Why do people who have had COVID need to be vaccinated? ” I used to fly into a know-it –all rant about immune cells, neutralizing antibodies, autoimmunity. You could see people hiding their children, covering their ears, even their dogs’ ears. I was insufferable. Now, I sweetly smile and say, “ In church, we all sing the hymns”. If necessary I follow up with, “A patriot does not need to carry a gun”. It is just so liberating.

Lunch was short and not sweet. Hemp Smoothies really go a long way to make the afternoon sail by. I tore down my Netanyahu poster. I burned a few books. I took a scissor to others but left the covers intact. I even questioned how male I felt while snipping.

By the end of this glorious day, I was, as many noticed, calmer. Some hinted at looking a bit like a “ Jim Jones” alternate. I wallowed in it. I had stripped my digital suppliers of any link to questionable sites including any path to Tucker. My Netflix was changed to the newly available, ‘Notflix”. I even YouTube’d a few of Kamala’s speeches.

I finally eased into my Definitely Not My Pillow, watched a couple of episodes of “ Who is at the Intersectionality?”, and fell asleep feeling like the sheep I was counting. Sublime.

Can’t wait till tomorrow which, with a bit of luck, will be even one step closer to “ Ground Hog Day”.



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Joel B. Levine MD

Joel B. Levine MD


Professor of Medicine , essayist, practitioner, basic research and education ; reflections on medicine and modern society